Pictured from left to right:   Tom, Rob, Tami, Shawn, and Dominick

Pictured from left to right:

Tom, Rob, Tami, Shawn, and Dominick

Boncore Builders, Inc. is family owned and operated business based in Mountain View, California. Boncore Builders, Inc. offers complete home renovations, additions, projects, and upgrades, and specializes in waterproof and technical coatings for residential and commercial properties.

Serving San Francisco, the Peninsula, and South Bay areas.

Waterproofer since 1984. General Contractor sine 2007. 

Co-owners Dominick Boncore and Tami Droese are adamant about quality build and customer relations. Dominick has been in the building business for thirty five years and constructs with lasting creative quality. He is an outstanding general contractor and keeps the project rolling on a timely matter. He has exceptional waterproof knowledge and expertise, and is the man you want for your waterproof needs. Tami runs Boncore Builders behind the scenes. She grew up in a family business and brings forth her business knowledge to provide clients with cordial and accessible service. She oversees the team's projects, and handles the books to deliver precise financial information to the clients. Before moving solely to the office, Tami worked two years in the field. Her hands on experience gave her building knowledge and a better understanding of how to orchestrate the business. 

Roberto has years of experience in the building business and is a talented, compassionate builder. Shawn grew up in the business working alongside with his father as well as having years of experience as a foreman in earthquake retrofits, both commercial and residential. Tom worked with Dominick back in the day as a waterproofer and he has extensive building experience as foreman. 

The Boncore Builders team has amazing chemistry and enthusiasm. Loving teamwork and building care goes into every job. Working with Boncore Builders is like working with family.